My Life

Yesterday, as I slowly pulled myself out of a sick coma, I was excited to try a new hair product. It’s supposed to be a wave maker type of product and so I scrunched in it and fluffed it up around my crown and felt like I was looking pretty damn good. In my head it looked like this.


So, I’m strutting around the office thinking I look like Alexa Chung (above) and I walked into our Office Manager’s office and he said… “is your hair supposed to be wild and crazy or…?”

Uhhh. No.

So, then, I ran into another co-workers office and said… hey, does my hair look “wild and crazy?” Her eyes got wide and she pursed her lips and she said. “Yeah… I didn’t know how to tell you, but it doesn’t look good. Your face looks better with less volume.”

So, I scurried off into the bathroom and pulled my hair back like I ALWAYS wear it. When I got home, I took pics for evidence.


Yes, I whitebarred my eyes, because it was dumb face AND the bags under my eyes were atrocious. BUT, even in the pic, I still think it’s VERY Alexa Chung. Ugh. I think it looks cute. Maybe by the end of the day with it being pulled back, it had lost some of it’s volume.

img_3294The after.What it looks like virtually everyday. Le Sigh.

So much for trying something new.


One comment

  1. Melanie · January 13, 2017

    They’re crazy. I think it looks great!! Not messy at all!


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