Thirty Seven

Wednesday I turned 37. Which is frankly, unbelievable.

It’s not that I don’t feel like I’ve done much, I actually feel like I’ve done a lot in my 37 years. But, I still feel like there is so much to do.

So, in an effort to stay accountable, here are a few things that I want to do in my 37th year:

Get Fit. Not get skinny. Not get fast. Not lose weight. But get fit and healthy and feel good about my body and my health. I don’t want to focus on a magical number that I want to see on the scale or a unicorn race time that I want. I just want to be fit again. I want to feel good running and working out. I want to feel like I’m putting healthy food into my body (and not necessarily the lowest calorie food).

Get Writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. For a long time, I thought that meant short stories. But, I think, I’ve finally got the story of a novel in me. It’s time to actually put the effort into it and get it rolling.

Get Uncomfortable. This means a lot of different things to me. At it’s core, it means, not saying no to doing something on a weeknight because I know I’ll get to bed late and be tired the next morning. Life happens in those “out of your routine” moments. And on a deeper level, it means trying something challenging again. Not being scared of new adventures or of failing a new adventure.

Get Involved. Politically, charitably, humanly. I’ve had a lot of good things and opportunities in my life and it’s time to really spend some time helping those who haven’t had that.

So there you have it. The things that I think are important for this next year of my life. We will see what happens…


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